If Your Child Tends to Have a Meltdown at Meal Time...

If Your Child Tends to Have a Meltdown at Meal Time...

You need to find a feeding therapy program in Bossier City, LA

Do you dread mealtimes? Does your youngster throw a fit when you introduce new foods? You and your child do not have to endure stressful feedings characterized by crying, gagging or aversive behaviors. Instead, come to the feeding therapy experts at Pediatric Therapy Partners. In our pediatric feeding therapy program, your child will learn to enjoy a wider variety of foods—and you can start looking forward to mealtimes.

Call today or visit our facility in Bossier City, LA to learn more. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

We make mealtimes fun again

Wouldn’t it be nice to gather as a family and sit down to a delicious and nutritious meal, trauma free? The experienced team at Pediatric Therapy Partners has made that happen for many families in the Bossier City, LA area. With our advanced feeding therapy, you’ll no longer have a screaming child at mealtimes.

In addition to combatting inappropriate mealtime behaviors, our pediatric feeding therapy program addresses a range of other issues, including:

  • Poor weight gain
  • Dependence on bottles or formulas
  • New food anxiety
  • Refusal to feed oneself
  • Extreme pickiness

Make sure your youngster gets the nutrients he needs to grow strong. Call now to schedule a pediatric feeding therapy evaluation.