Between work, relationships, and the general craziness we deal with, life can be tricky. We grown-ups may get stressed out from time to time, but we’ve had some practice dealing with difficult things. Weathering storms, big and small, comes a little bit easier.

What if you’re a child? The world is a very big place for a little person. While it can be exciting to learn new things and have new experiences, there are times when it’s pretty overwhelming. Big changes—like a death, parents divorcing, or starting a new school—can really throw them for a loop. They simply don’t have much experience in navigating tough challenges.

How Will I Know If My Child Needs Counseling Help?

Kids deal with depression, stress, and anxiety as much as (if not more than) adults. They’re not likely to tell a parent what they’re going through. Instead, they’ll let you know something’s wrong through changes like these:

  • Trouble sleeping: they can’t fall asleep, or start having nightmares
  • Struggles with school: grades suddenly drop, or they start having emotional outbursts
  • Frequent headaches or stomach aches: stress triggers the hormone cortisol which can cause these issues
  • Emotional outbursts or irritability: these are different or more frequent than a typical tantrum
  • Defiance: kids under stress are trying to find a way to stop whatever is triggering them, and may exhibit more stubborn behavior
  • Withdrawal from others: they spend more time alone, and are less interested in friends, family, or hobbies

Naturally, your child is unique. Their age and personality will impact these signs. The thing to be aware of is any sudden or drastic change in their normal behavior. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to listen to what’s going on and offer our initial insights. And if you recognize that your child is struggling, we’re here to help.

Our gentle counseling service is designed specifically to help kids undergoing stress, depression or anxiety, or who are having trouble with a change in their life. If they’re “acting out” or generally feeling overwhelmed, our trained counselors can uncover what’s going on—and develop solutions to address it.

What Is The Counseling Session Like?

We use “play” to engage with your child. Play is a kid’s natural language and can provide a lot of information that traditional talk therapy can’t. It’s an excellent way for them to communicate when words just won’t express their true feelings.

As we work (or rather, play) together, we’re able to pick up on certain patterns and behaviors.

This helps us identify the problem and see it through their eyes. Then we create an effective plan to relieve whatever’s getting in the way of your child living his or her best life.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

If you’re ready to learn more about how our counseling service can help your child, please get in touch.  

You can contact an Intake Coordinator at (318) 746-1199. She’ll then send you all the forms you need to get started.

Or you can use the form below to request an appointment.

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