Does Your Baby Have a Tongue-Tie?

Does Your Baby Have a Tongue-Tie?

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Tongue-tie occurs when the tissue that connects the tongue base to the floor of the mouth is unusually short and prevents movement of the tongue. This restricted tongue movement causes issues with breastfeeding, swallowing, eating, chewing, and producing certain speech sounds. If your child is struggling in any of these areas call Pediatric Therapy Partners now to schedule tongue-tie therapy sessions in Bossier City, LA.

During tongue-tie therapy, our Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty Trained therapist will:

  • Evaluate how the lingual frenulum impacts oral function
  • Recommend treatment options
  • Develop a customized plan for post-operative treatment if the surgery is warranted

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Does your baby have a lip-tie?

If you’ve never heard of a lip-tie, you’re not alone. Similar to a tongue-tie, a lip-tie occurs when a restrictive membrane, or labial frenulum, constricts the movement of the upper lip.

Your child might have this condition if they develop colic or have difficulty gaining weight and breastfeeding. These conditions occur because the infant cannot create a proper seal and therefore creates a abnormal swallow or allows too much air during feedings.

After an assessment by one of our trained therapist, you can rest easy knowing that we can help your infant during feedings to get on the right track nutritionally.

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