Emily Watkins graduated from LSUHSC Shreveport with a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders in 2014. After earning her degree, Emily went on to achieve the Certificate of Clinical Competence of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 2015. This is a nationally recognized credential for Speech-Language Pathologists which requires certified professionals to uphold high ethical standards and meet continuing education hours. Emily has maintained her certification every year since then.

After graduating from LSUHSC Shreveport, Emily worked with Louisiana’s EarlySteps program because she wanted to help improve the lives of the children and families in her community. After four years, she realized that she could better serve her community and decided to open her own practice in 2018. Emily ran Pediatric Therapy Partners all on her own for the first six months before she began to grow her team, and it hasn’t stopped growing since!

Now, Pediatric Therapy Partners is made up of 13 therapists (and counting) who specialize in pediatric occupational, physical, speech-language, and feeding therapies. Each of our two locations, Shreveport and Bossier City, are staffed by a diverse team of professionals who are passionate about our mission and vision for children in northwestern Louisiana.

A Statement from Emily

I founded Pediatric Therapy Partners because I believe that every child matters! I believe every child deserves access to the best therapy when they need it and nothing should get in the way of that access.

I believe every child CAN. I believe every child can communicate and play, and it is our job to adapt, collaborate, and be creative in seeking solutions for our patients. I believe it is our job to create a safe space where children can be successful! I believe that all children CAN, we must provide them with encouragement and support in a unique environment to make it possible!

I believe every child should be given a chance. I believe all children should be told they are awesome, and that they can do anything. Children need to see another child fail AND succeed to know they can! I believe every child should have an advocate in their corner cheering for them when they are down just as loud as when they achieve greatness. Children are extraordinary and they should be treated as such.

I believe seeing through the eyes of a child is the most precious gift in life. A child-like love and a child-like perspective is where a person can find the most joy. You will find me saying often that being around children brings me the greatest happiness, and I believe it is because of their child-like love and joy they project into the universe.

I believe that passion drives people at their core. My passion is to help patients and inspire therapists through doing the right thing and putting others first. I believe in striving for excellence while cultivating a collaborative, supportive environment for every person who walks through our doors regardless of their circumstances.

I believe that we are called, as humans, to care for one another. I believe that when you take care of the person to your right and the person to your left, you can leave people better than when you found them. I believe that our best work is produced as a team and serving each other every day. I believe in a purpose driven life where we can give more, do more, and change more lives than the day before.


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