The main goal of pediatric physical therapy is to help children improve their strength, flexibility, range of motion, and control over their bodies. At Pediatric Therapy Partners, our therapists will evaluate your child’s current skills and limitations and design a treatment program that addresses their needs and circumstances. The best part is that pediatric physical therapy is a fun, playful time in which children love to participate!

Does My Child Need Physical Therapy?

If you are concerned about your child’s physical development, you should consult your child’s pediatrician and get their opinion. You can also call us at (318) 746-1199 and ask about our free developmental screening, and our therapists will be happy to go over your child’s difficulties and advise you if pediatric physical therapy will benefit them.

The following are signs that your child may need physical therapy:

  • They have a genetic, nerve, muscular, skeletal, or other condition that impacts their movement.
  • They have poor coordination.
  • They are generally clumsy or struggle with balance.
  • They are recovering from a recent surgery or injury.
  • They have a limb abnormality or amputation.
  • They need assistive devices for movement, like a wheelchair or prosthetic.
  • Their muscles are weak.
  • Their limbs are either floppy or too stiff.

What Is a Physical Therapy Session Like?

Our physical therapy sessions will look and feel a lot like playtime. They are designed to help children improve their skills one step at a time. This means that the activities will be appropriately challenging — not too easy or too hard, but just enough to give your child that feeling of pride when they accomplish a goal. And these activities are fun, so your child will feel like they are playing games while they learn and grow!

The activities our therapists will do with your child are specifically chosen to target their needs, goals, and interests. For example, a child who struggles with balance may want to go play with other children, but they feel afraid to try because they tend to fall down or get hurt.

Our pediatric physical therapists will evaluate what is causing the child’s difficulty with balancing and develop activities and exercises that will help to improve the child’s control. As the child gains more skill in balancing, we will increase the difficulty of our activities appropriately. With patience, practice, and lots of encouragement, we can help the child learn how to balance. And once they realize that they can do it, children are more motivated and confident to reach for their goals!

How Do I Schedule a Physical Therapy Evaluation?

Our therapists will need a referral from your child’s pediatrician to evaluate and treat your child. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Our staff can help coordinate this and get you a referral so your child can receive treatment.

When you’re ready to make an appointment for your child, call our office at (318) 746-1199 to speak to our Intake Coordinator. She will be able to answer your questions, and she will send you an email with online forms to fill out.

Once you have completely filled out the forms, including your insurance information, our Intake Coordinator will contact you to schedule your child’s initial evaluation appointment and go over any other important details with you.

Ready to get started? Call us at (318) 746-1199 today!

Amazing team of therapists! We have seen such an improvement with my daughter’s balance/coordination and fine motor skills since we started in September. My daughter looks forward to therapy day!

- C.P.

Hands down the nicest most helpful staff! My daughter has only been going for a short time and I already see great improvement! So thankful!

- K.C.

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