Larkyn Absolutely Loves Coming to Therapy

When Larkyn first started OT, he was all over the place. He was having multiple meltdowns a day, he wouldn’t touch certain things, he wouldn’t even hold a spoon or try to drink out of a cup. But, the progress we have made is amazing!!Larkyn calls OT “Sally days.”I cannot say enough great things about our therapists at PTP. PTP is really like family! Its therapists effectively communicating with the parents what’s going on in therapy so that therapy can continue at home! Larkyn absolutely loves coming to therapy (Sally Days)!! Thank yall so much for everything! 

Megan James
Larkyn’s mom

Professionals at PTP Are Incredible at Guiding Children

When he was two years old, Spencer began therapy at PTP for speech delay and fine motor skills improvement. Two years later, Spencer is thriving in preschool, speaking in full sentences and reading hundreds of sight words. The therapists and staff at PTP have become vital members of Spencer’s life and he absolutely loves to going to his sessions each week! It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to finding the best way to help your children learn and grow; the professionals at PTP are incredible at guiding children and parents through the journey. PTP is our extended family and we are blessed to have them in our community!

Tiffany Brando Crews
Spencer’s mom

We Love Emily and Our PTP Family

When Cali was only 18 months old, Emily came into our lives. She’s been on this crazy journey with us from the beginning. Every surgery, every hospital stay, every appointment, through the good news, and bad! She became family. She’s seen me go through every emotion possible and always told me exactly what I needed to hear. She’s pushed Cali in all the ways she’s needed and made sure she was getting everything she deserved and more. We have been more than blessed to have her as Cali’s therapist! We love Emily and our PTP family. Thank you for everything y’all have done for my baby. We were definitely blessed with the best!!

Kendall Pennington
Cali’s mom

After Only 2 Months of OT, Raelynn Reached Her Goals

Raelynn experienced a go-kart accident causing her to fracture her right humerus bone. Once the cast was removed, she was unable to completely straighten her arm. After only 2 months of OT, Raelynn reached her goals allowing her to get back to independence and doing what she loves most… Playing softball! 

Jordan Quinn
Raelynn’s OT

My Baby Has Come so Far With Them! 

My little guy just loves his therapists so much! You can tell they really love working with him! I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with my baby! They are genuine, sweet, and love their work. My baby has come so far with them! 

Mandy Hooter
Logan’s mom

I’m No Longer up Late Researching and Worrying

It’s scary to realize as a parent your child is behind but having PTP there to help was comforting in an often worrisome time. They taught her and us both the skills and tools she needed to go from only a few words and labeling to using sentences to expressing herself. The change was drastic and exciting to watch. I’m no longer up late researching and worrying – thank you PTP for your help and support. 

Brandi Sharkey
Saylor’s mom

They Are Passionate About Her Success

The therapists and staff at PTP make my Elowyn feel so loved, safe, and encouraged! They are passionate about her success. They always challenge her and believe in her. I leave every session feeling adequately informed of Elowyn’s progress. She has gained skills like using eating utensils more effectively, putting straws in her cup, improved walking up and downstairs and improved core strength.

Alecia Fohl
Elowyn’s Mom

Mealtimes Don’t Have to Be a Source of Anxiety for All of Us Anymore!!

When we started feeding therapy, Ada was only eating fruit and popsicles. If she ever ate food, I had to feed it to her.We would all dread meal times because we knew we’d be eating listening to her scream and couldn’t enjoy our meal. She wouldn’t even sit in her highchair. After seeing Jordan weekly for 7 months, she became a different kid. She sits in her chair for meals, will feed herself and even try new foods. She still loves fruit, but she also loves vegetables, salad, steak, cheese, and a ton of other foods.  Jordan taught her that she had to be in her chair for meals, taught her to feed herself using a fork and how to chew her foods. She’s SO much more pleasant to eat with and mealtimes don’t have to be a source of anxiety for all of us anymore!! 

Micaela Markham
Ada’s Mom

Our Son (Who Has Autism) Has Made So Much Progress!

We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pediatric Therapy Partners!! I recommend them to anyone who has a child needing occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy! They are so kind, incredibly easy to work with, and most importantly work so hard to help my son excel. We’ve been at PTP just about a year now and our son (who has autism) has made so much progress! His speech is so clear, he is so much stronger physically, and able to tolerate sensory input he would never have before. I love the constant feedback, suggestions for things to work on, and easy communication. My son loves them so much. I am so incredibly grateful to the team at PTP for pouring their hearts into their mission to help kids.


Sarah Hutto
Adrian's Mom

Our Daughter Is Receiving the Best Care!

We love Pediatric Therapy Partners! My Daughter was born with Spina Bifida. Therapy has been crucial for her since birth. She receives OT with Jordan & Taylor, They have been great with teaching her so many skills and helping her reach so many milestones. It’s so amazing to see how far she has come in just 8 months since starting therapy at PTP. We adore the entire staff! Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging! They have cheered Audrey on every step of the way! They have been so supportive and accommodating to Audrey’s special needs and have made me feel comfortable bringing our immune compromised child to therapy clinic even during a pandemic. They take extra precautions to keep all their patients safe and healthy during such a scary and uncertain time. I am so thankful that we have such a wonderful place within our community that I can trust and I know that our daughter is receiving the best care! Audrey loves going to “play” at therapy and looks forward to her time each week! We are so thankful for everything she has learned at PTP! ????

Bethany Lester
Audrey's Mom

Highly Recommend Them to Anyone Who Is Looking for Great Treatment and Genuine Care!

Thank you so much to PTP! Our daughter Beckley was born with Torticollis and a flat spot on her skull. She needed treatment by the PT after many at home stretching attempts were made and failed. We were heartbroken but from the moment we made our appointment with the receptionist Jordan and met the OT Jordan we knew our daughter would be in GREAT hands. Eventually Beckley was moved over to PT care with Emily and she was so caring, gentle, and overall professional with our little B. Beckley started treatment young around 3 months of age or younger! She was a champ and the therapists and other team were so encouraging to us worrisome parents. They cheered our sweet girl on throughout her treatment there over the next 4ish months and gave us such praise as we worked with Beckley at home. When Beckley’s last treatment came around they celebrated Beckley on all her achievements as she beat her Torticollis!! I know how stressful it can be as parents putting your kiddos through this, but I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for great treatment and genuine care! Thank you all!!

Hannah Jones
Beckley's Mom

If Your Child Needs Any Type of Therapy I Would and Will ALWAYS Recommend PTP!!!!

PTP has an amazing group of therapists. They are kind loving and fun! Our addisen is in speech therapy and when she started 7 months ago was hardly saying mommy or daddy, now she’s a little parrot and that has come from PTP and their suggestions of how we can continue to work on things when we’re not playing at the office. Addie is always so happy and excited when it’s time for her session which always makes things easier to learn. We look forward to when she can graduate but also know we will be sad too. Of your child needs any type of therapy I would and will ALWAYS recommend PTP!!!!

Cynthia Flannery
Addisen's Mom

These Girls Are Amazing and Truly Care!!

THE BEST!!!!!!! These girls are AMAZING and truly care!! My son has been in OT for sensory and feeding development for a few months. I’m blown away!!!!!! He went from only eating chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and peanut butter to trying a new food EVERY WEEK! He will now eat carrots, new fruits, grilled cheese, turkey, cheeseburgers, pizza, sauce (has never been willing to even try) and so much more! We are SO thankful for the pediatric feeding therapy services at PTP!

Shelby Schuldt
Gibson's Mom

They Genuinely Care

Everyone is so welcoming and kind. They genuinely care for my child and it shows. He loves attending his sessions and adores his therapist! Since starting at Pediatric Therapy Partners, I have seen improvement in Briggs’s core strength, focus and attention and fine motor skills in just a few short months!

Megan Forrest
Brigg's Mom

Her Therapists Were Fantastic

During the scariest time of my family’s life our therapists were a positive light. They did everything they could to ensure we were comfortable while striving for a full physical recovery. My daughter was always happy during her treatments. Her therapists were fantastic and turned her treatment times into productive play times.

Savannah’s Mom

Improving So Fast!

This little guy is improving so fast! He clearly is working so hard, he’s worn out! OT with Mrs. Taylor and SPEECH with Ms. Andi! He LOVES his Ms. Andi and her cuddles after a hard days work! Thank you so much ladies!!!!

Ashlyn Grossie
Dalton's Mom