The Magic of Storytime: Why Reading to Your Child Matters

Parent reading a story to their child

Reading to your child is an essential activity that offers numerous benefits for both you and your child. As a parent, you may already know that reading is an excellent way to bond with your child, but there is much more to it than just spending quality time together. In this blog post, we will […]

Promoting Speech and Language at Home: Tips and Activities for Parents

Parents coloring with their children

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting your child’s speech and language development. By incorporating simple yet effective strategies and activities into your daily routines, you can create a language-rich environment that fosters communication skills. In this blog post, we will provide you with practical tips and engaging activities to promote speech […]

How Speech Therapy Can Enhance Your Child’s Language Skills

Adult and child practicing speech therapy

Language development plays a vital role in a child’s overall growth and well-being. It is through effective communication that children express their needs, thoughts, and emotions, as well as develop meaningful connections with others. However, some children may experience challenges in their language skills, which can impact their ability to effectively communicate. This is where […]

How to Read Stories to Your Toddler: Engaging Tips for a Captivating Storytime

Adult reading to child

Reading stories to your toddler is not only a great way to bond but also an excellent opportunity to promote language development, cognitive skills, and imagination. However, keeping a toddler’s attention span can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and strategies that you can use to engage your child from […]

The Power of Early Intervention: Supporting Comprehensive Child Development

Parent pushing child on a indoor swing

Early intervention is a crucial component in ensuring optimal development for children. The early years of a child’s life are a critical period when their brains are rapidly forming connections and laying the foundation for future learning and growth. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of early intervention in various aspects of […]

The Power of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Pediatric Therapy

Adult practicing pediatric therapy with two children

When it comes to supporting children’s development and addressing their unique needs, a multidisciplinary approach that combines speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy has shown remarkable effectiveness. This is the primary reason I founded Pediatric Therapy Partners – so that when a child needs multiple disciplines, each provider can collaborate easily so that the […]

The Power of Routines for Children: Establishing Structure for Success

Parents and children eating at the dinner table

As parents, we often hear about the importance of routines for our children. But what is it about routines that make them so valuable? Let’s explore why routines are crucial for children’s development and well-being. We’ll also provide practical tips on how to establish routines that can set your child up for success. The Benefits […]

Developmental Milestones for Children Ages Two to Three

Developmental Milestones for Children Ages One to Two

By your child’s second birthday, they will be curious and adventurous as they test out all the new skills they’ve learned in the first two years of their life. As they continue to grow, they will learn more about communicating, socializing, and moving their little bodies to play and explore. To ensure your child is […]

Developmental Milestones for Children Ages One to Two

Developmental Milestones for Babies One and Under

By your child’s first birthday, they will have grown and developed a ton since you first brought them home. They’ll be curious, active, and ready to learn everything they can about the world around them.  It’s always important to make sure they’re reaching their developmental milestones because if they aren’t, pediatric therapy can help get […]

Developmental Milestones for Babies One and Under

Developmental Milestones for Children Ages Two to Three

You know it’s important to monitor your baby’s growth and development. But what exact milestones should you be looking for? Here’s a quick look at the milestones your baby should reach between birth and age one. By Two Months Even in just the first two months of your baby’s life, there are important milestones to […]