At Pediatric Therapy Partners, our therapists and staff are a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about the success of our patients. We recognize that the children and families who come through our doors are our neighbors, and we treat them with all the kindness and respect a good neighbor can give!

Our basic purpose is to change the lives of children every day, and with the support of our fantastic team members, we know we can do it!

Lauren Bowden
COTA/L - Bossier City

Lauren started working at our Bossier clinic in August of 2021! She enjoys working with children because she loves seeing the excitement and confidence her kids and their families gain when reaching new milestones. Lauren finds that working with children means endless opportunities to make therapy meaningful for the entire family and exciting for everyone involved!

Kendra Cash
COTA - Shreveport

Sally McEntyre
COTA - Bossier City

Sally started at our Bossier Clinic in 2020 and has a passion for helping children feel understood and valued. Sally loves working in pediatrics because she is not only helping patients, but also helping families and caregivers learn strategies and techniques to assist their children in their daily lives. It’s so rewarding when our kids meet a goal or utilize a technique and the child or the parent walks into the clinic to tell me all about it.

Jordan Quinn
Bossier Clinic Manager, LOTR - Bossier City

Jordan came to PTP in 2020 with a vast knowledge of pediatric diagnoses and over ten years of experience. Jordan enjoys helping babies and children during mealtimes and providing unique solutions to help children eat better! Jordan is currently training to become a Certified Lactation Consultant to help moms become experts in feeding their babies! She chose to work with kids because of the holistic aspect of improving many areas of their lives, such as: fine motor skills, visual motor skills, self-care, sensory processing, feeding, and so much more. Jordan considers therapists as just one piece to their big puzzle.

Taylor Rivers
LOTR, Team Lead - Bossier City

Taylor joined our Bossier clinic in May of 2020 and has experience working in outpatient pediatrics as well as in the school setting. Taylor chose to work in pediatrics because she loves watching children grow their skills through play and the excitement that kids bring to their sessions. She is a proud advocate for the benefits of Occupational Therapy and enjoys seeing the positive impact on families and communities that happens when a holistic approach is taken!

Sarah Taravella
LOTR - Shreveport

Sarah started at our Shreveport Clinic in 2021 and is passionate about helping kids succeed in their activities of daily living. Sarah loves working in pediatrics because of the great relationships she has the opportunity to build, not only with her patients, but their families as well. Watching her patients meet milestones and helping them achieve goals is so rewarding! Sarah’s favorite aspect of treating the pediatric population is the variety of skills she helps her patients learn on a daily basis, including but not limited to, sensory processing, fine motor skills, and feeding.

Katelyn Alford
SLP - Bossier City

Katelyn graduated from Louisiana Tech in May 2021 and immediately joined the PTP family! Katelyn is passionate about helping children find their voice and providing them with tools to be successful communicators. One of Katelyn’s favorite aspects of her job is building relationships with her clients and their families. Katelyn loves the creativity in making every activity and daily living task an opportunity to improve speech and language skills!

Heaven Cunanan
SLP - Shreveport City

Jamie Henry
SLP - Bossier City

Alexis Little
SLP - Bossier City

Alexis joined the PTP family in 2021 at the Bossier Clinic. Alexis has a passion for pediatric speech-language pathology because she gets to be a small part of helping little ones who were once shy, frustrated, and often struggled to communicate grow into confident and independent communicators. She loves working closely with families to nurture children’s speech and language development to help each child find their voice so that they may express themselves with confidence and gain the skills to build meaningful relationships with those around them.

Allison Mourad
SLP - Bossier City

Allison started working at the Bossier clinic in November of 2021. From the time that I learned about speech therapy at age 16, it has been my goal and passion to provide each and every child with a way to communicate, in whatever way is possible for them. Seeing a child or parent’s face light up when they finally master a skill, or are finally able to express their wants/desires is absolutely priceless. Working with children and their families has brought so much joy into my life and I hope to be able to provide that for them as well.

Kelsey Rowell
Shreveport Clinic Manager, SLP - Shreveport

Kelsey came to our Shreveport location in April of 2021. She enjoys forming relationships with her clients and their families. She strives to make an impact on each child and to assist them with learning a way to functionally communicate with others. Kelsey enjoys working closely with the OT department to help her clients improve in a variety of ways and to even learn more herself. Kelsey believes speech therapy is an adventure and has a desire to help kids reach their speech, language, and communication goals.

Brooke Schafer
SLP - Bossier City

Emily Watkins
CEO, Owner, SLP

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Emily Bennett
DPT - Bossier City

Emily became part of the team at PTP in 2020 and has been practicing pediatric physical therapy since she graduated with her Doctorate in 2017. Emily loves working with kids and has a passion for helping children reach their full potential with gross motor skills, from crawling to running and beyond! For Emily, the best part of working in pediatrics is the challenge of combining a child’s interests, play, exercise, motivation, and the family’s goals all together while working as a team with OT and Speech to help the child reach big goals! It’s such a fun puzzle to piece together and makes those milestones so sweet and special! “Walking through each child’s journey alongside their families is such a privilege and I am humbled everyday that you entrust your child’s care to me!” Emily is working towards becoming an MNRI Core Specialist in Training to bring exceptional reflex integration therapy to the Shreveport/Bossier area!

Rebekah Cole
DPT - Bossier City

Catherine Howard
PTA - Bossier City

Britt Coker
Employee Success Manager - Bossier City

Amber Goodwin
Collections Specialist - Bossier City

Jordan LeGrand
Patient Services Manager - Bossier City

Christy Martin
Scheduling Coordinator - Shreveport

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