At Pediatric Therapy Partners, we use an individualized and holistic approach with our patients. Every child is unique. They have their own struggles, their own personalities, and their own goals. We take these things into account to develop a therapy plan for children that will properly address their needs and enable them to learn, grow, and succeed.

Children learn and grow best through play, which is why so many of our therapy actions feel like games! We create a fun and safe environment for children to improve their skills using evidence-based therapy techniques. A big part of this includes getting parents and caregivers involved with the child’s therapy. We want you to understand what your child is having difficulty with and exactly how you can help them at home, and our team will be here to support you every step of the way!

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Throughout a child’s life, they learn about the world around them through play. For example, babies learn about object permanence (that things don’t disappear just because they are out of sight) by playing peek-a-boo. Occupational therapy uses directed play and other activities to help your child improve their fine motor skills, social development, and independence.

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Pediatric Speech Therapy

One of the most important skills for success in life is the ability to communicate your ideas to others and understand other people. For children who struggle with speech and language, pediatric speech therapy can be the key to independence and confidence in life.

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Pediatric Feeding Therapy

In order for children to grow big and strong, they need to eat lots of nutritious foods! For babies who have difficulty latching or swallowing, or for toddlers and young children who struggle with the physical or sensory parts of eating, feeding therapy may be recommended. Our therapists can help children develop the skills they need to make mealtimes easier for everyone.

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Counseling Services

Between work, relationships, and the general craziness we deal with, life can be tricky. We grown-ups may get stressed out from time to time, but we’ve had some practice dealing with difficult things. Weathering storms, big and small, comes a little bit easier. What if you’re a child? The world is a very big place for a little person. While it can be exciting to learn new things and have new experiences, there are times when it’s pretty overwhelming. We can help!

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