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The Power of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Pediatric Therapy

Adult practicing pediatric therapy with two children

When it comes to supporting children’s development and addressing their unique needs, a multidisciplinary approach that combines speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy has shown remarkable effectiveness. This is the primary reason I founded Pediatric Therapy Partners – so that when a child needs multiple disciplines, each provider can collaborate easily so that the […]

The Power of Routines for Children: Establishing Structure for Success

Parents and children eating at the dinner table

As parents, we often hear about the importance of routines for our children. But what is it about routines that make them so valuable? Let’s explore why routines are crucial for children’s development and well-being. We’ll also provide practical tips on how to establish routines that can set your child up for success. The Benefits […]

How Pediatric Therapy Can Benefit Your Entire Family

If your child has an injury, a chronic or genetic health condition, behavioral troubles, or developmental delays, you already know how much it can impact their daily life. They may not be able to take care of their own hygiene, play with other children, or do the fun activities you want them to experience. Pediatric […]