blog 3"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller was so right in so many ways, but she hit the nail on the head here. I believe that collaboration is key for a child’s success throughout their entire lifetime especially when it comes to pediatric therapy. Occupational therapists are essential in so many aspects of therapy and are some of the most creative people you will meet. These are just some of the amazing works that these WORLD CHANGERS are able to help children improve upon:

Fine Motor Tasks/Self-Care Routines: 

- Help a toddler or young child use their hands/rotate their wrists/increase coordination to be able to play with age-appropriate toys.

- Help a child be able to motor plan in order to sign to communicate, play with toys, open a door, etc.

- Assist in creating independence in daily activities such as improving dressing, self-feeding, play skills, writing, etc.

Cognitive Tasks: 

- Help a child attend to a task for an age-appropriate amount of time (very handy for when they go to school).

- Help children problem solve through play, manipulate their environment in order to become independent.

- Foster a child’s ability to learn by focusing on their strengths to improve their weaknesses.

Sensory and Social Development:

- Help a child to transition to different environments, tasks, etc.

- Help children understand their environment and cope with the ever changing nature that surrounds them.

- Help children develop social skills such as turn taking, pretend play, eye contact, etc.

At Pediatric Therapy Partners, we are so very lucky to have a phenomenal team of therapists to assist in promoting your child’s independence. Occupational therapists are quintessential in creating fun, active and applicable ideas!! We are lucky to have an OT that cares, communicates and loves on our kiddos each and every day!!

Happy OT month to all occupational therapists out there!! You are very important to so many people!

Emily Watkins, MCD, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist/ Owner